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Help us build our wall!

We have been working hard to build on the legacy of the Dover-Sherborn Lacrosse program. Over the past two years we have continued to support great existing programs, as well as added some new opportunities and events for our players, none of which can happen without the amazing support of our community  - and we can’t thank you enough!

We are looking for your help again to bring to life what we feel will truly be a huge stride in helping grow the sport of lacrosse in our towns, along with strengthening the sport at its core. We will be adding a concrete Wall to help our boys & girls programs further develop the skills needed to compete on the field. The Wall will be located at Laurel Fields and will be approximately 40ft long and 16ft high, and double sided, providing plenty of space for multiple players to enjoy it at once. It is proven that just 10 minutes a day on a wall, bounce back, etc. will help a player improve their skills to be more successful on the field (not to mention build player/skill confidence). Construction has begun and we are aiming to be completed by end of February pending weather!

Attached please find the link to our GoFundMe page as we are hoping to raise $40,000 for our wall. We did have a group of parents send in a donation that we are working on getting reflected in our campaign for a total of $4,280, so we are already off to a great start!!  We are asking to give what you can, no amount is too small and all is truly appreciated!

Thank you so much for your continued support, enthusiasm, and love of the game.