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Club lacrosse is a great way to keep a stick in your hand throughout the year.  Many of the clubs listed below (in alphabetical order) have summer, fall and winter offerings.  Some clubs will allow you to pick and choose by the season, but most require an annual tuition.

Note that tryouts for most of these clubs are in July of the prior summer, however, it’s always fine to reach out to clubs at any time as they might have some openings (kids move, switch clubs, etc.) or might have some “free agent” spots in tournaments.   


495 Lacrosse Club

           495 2024|2025 Tryout Information


Penguins Lacrosse

         Penguins 2024|2025 Tryout Information


3d Lacrosse

3d 2024|2025 Tryout Information

Coyotes Lacrosse

Coyotes 2024|2025 Tryout Information


Laxachusetts 2024\2025 Tryout Information